Instructions for some of the functions in the EntryEeze SDFSC Membership system

 Navigating to EntryEeze SDFSC home club site:

- Click on the link at the top of this page

- OR -

1.  go to
2.  On the right-hand side, under Membership/Testing, click on “Find your home club”
3. Type in “South Dayton Figure Skating Club” and click on “Go to club”

- Or -

1.  Type in the url:

 Renewing or New Memberships:

1.  If you already have a SDFSC EntryEeze membership from a previous year, then:
          a.  On the EntryEeze SDFSC home club site, click on “Access my account” under

                Existing Memberships
          b.  Enter your email and password
          c.  Follow prompts to renew membership, choosing from the available membership

                types and entering the required information.

2.   If you are a new member to SDFSC, then:
          a.  On the EntryEeze SDFSC home club site, click on “Access my account” under

                new members or existing members.   
          b.  Click the appropriate response – “login to existing family account” or “create a 

                a new family account".
          c.  If you “login to existing family account” Enter your email and password and 

                follow prompts to enter information about your new membership.
         d.  If you need to “create a new family account”, follow the prompts and enter the 

               requested information.  Your membership will include information for the 

               skater, and if a minor, for a parent. 
          e.  Then follow the prompts to choose the appropriate membership type for the

                new skater and enter required information. 

Paying Monthly Dues:

1.  After logging into the EntryEeze SDFSC home club site, navigate to the “Contract Ice” 

     tab on the top header.
2.  Hover on tab and choose “Browse and Purchase”.
3.  Choose the appropriate contract type for your family by clicking “continue”.  If the 

      appropriate type is not available, contact the club treasurer for help.
4.  Select the appropriate member for your family. 
         a.  If your family contains 2 full members and you choose that appropriate contract 

               type, choose one of the full members for the contract type.  The dues payments 

               will cover both of your skaters although you only choose one.
5.  Click on “Expand” next to “Packages available”.  The eye icon next to each package 

      contains a description of that package. 
6.  Choose the appropriate package(s) by clicking “add to cart”
          a.  The eye icon next to each package contains a description of that package. 
          b.  The price for each package is listed.
          c.  Choose the “Full payment and installation plans” if this is the first dues payment 

               of the season.  You may then choose the payment option to either pay all your 

               dues for the season in full or to start an installation plan.  The installation plan 

               contains an initial payment (4%) of total due and payments due the 1st of each 

               month September through April (12% each month).
          d.  Choose the packages starting with “Sept” through that starting with “Apr” to

                pay only for the appropriate month.  When paying monthly dues this way, you 

                will need to eventually purchase each of these 8 packages Sept through Apr 

                (12.5% each month). ​

Registering for the SDFSC Test Session:
1.   After logging into the Entryeeze SDFSC home club site, navigate to the "Test 

       Sessions” tab on the top header.

2.  Click on the appropriate Test Session to begin registration.

- OR -

1.  Go to
2.  On the right-hand side, under Membership/Testing, click on “Find a test session”
3. Type in “45429” for zip code (this should bring up active SDFSC test sessions) and 

     choose appropriate mile radius to search.  

Purchasing "Walk-ON" Ice:

Purchase additional ice time through “Contract Ice” section of your EntryEeze account.  You may now purchase in two ways:

       1)  Individual sessions for the time and date you want 

       2) A package where you can purchase a block of time (4, 8, or 12 hours of walk on 

            time) to use when you need it! Simply use the rink sign in sheets, as usual, to

            record your time. The sign in sheets will be used to track these hours.       

To purchase your walk-on sessions, sign into your EntryEeze account, select the “Contract Ice” tab, and then the “Walk-On Ice” section.

Intro members:  Remember, you get 1 hour of ice time a week with your monthly dues - these walk-on sessions are for weekly ice time BEYOND your 1 hour a week! 

Please direct questions to our club Treasurer, Chris Kabban. Please also reach out to Chris Kabban, if you need password help for your Entryeeze login.

This is just the beginning for us electronically! We are committed to continual improvement and development of Entryeeze and our environmentally friendly electronic means of doing business!!